Eyelash Extension

If you want amazing lashes, choose

Blink by Vick

  • Would you like gorgeous eyelashes?
  • Would it be good if you could save time on getting ready in the morning?
  • Would you like to wake up in the morning with the same beautiful eyelashes you had when you went to bed?


  • we establish the quality and state of your own original eyelashes
  • we consider the size and shape of your eyes
  • we give our full attention to how you’d like your lashes to look
  • on the basis of all those points we lengthen and thicken your eyelashes lash by lash, whatever’s needed
  • we work with our own top-quality Blink by Vick products
  • you leave us with exquisite, long-lasting eyelashes


  • They hurt?
  • They were heavy?
  • Perhaps your own lashes came out?
  • Or maybe the false lashes fell off after one week?
  • You’re not the only one, but:

A set of enhanced lashes applied by an expert, using materials of the appropriate quality, have just one function – just like your own lashes. That is, you shouldn’t feel they’re there. They mustn’t hurt, they mustn’t fall out before they should, and most important of all, they mustn’t cause any damage to your own lashes.

Are you hoping for a set of lashes that you don’t have to bother with for 3 to 4 weeks? Would you like to be showered with compliments by both the lads and from your friends?

Let’s make it happen...


1D Full Set:  £85
2D Full Set:  £105
3D Full Set:  £125
4D Full Set:  £145
Refill:       1D          2D         3D         4D
2 weeks    £45         £55       £66       £75
3 weeks    £55         £65       £75       £85
4 weeks    £65         £75       £85       £95
5 weeks    £75         £85       £95       £105
6 weeks    new set needed



  • We require £30 deposit for all eyelash extension bookings, including infills
  • First time clients need to sign a client information form
  • Please arrive on time, and without any make up
  • If you have had done lashes elswhere then we will not be able to infill them. What we can do is to remove the old lashes (£10) and make a beatiful brand new Blink by Vick set. Please always inform us, if you are coming with an old set what needs to be removed.
  • If a customer is late more then 15 min we can not guarantee to do the service if we have other clients booked in
  • We don't serve any clients who are rude or threatening to any of our employes 


  • We require £30 deposit via Bank Transfer or PayPal for all eyelash extension bookings, including infills
  • The deposit amount is simply deducted from the total cost of your booking
  • The remaining amount is paid in the salon at the end of your session.All deposits are non refundable.
  • Deposits are required to ensure you will be attending your appointment and to cover our time if you don't.
  • If you are unable to pay a deposit, we are unable to book you in.
  • If your booking is cancelled or changed less than 48hrs of the booking time, the payment will be forfeit and you will need to pay another deposit if you require another booking.
  • This rule also applies if you do not show up to your appointment or are running significantly (more than 15min.) late and we have other clients booked in.
  • If you change your booking before 48hrs of the appointment your deposit will just be transferred to your next appointment.


  • If you wish to cancel your appointment we require 48 hour notification in advance. Your deposit will be simply transferred to your next appointment.
  • If you cancel your appointment under 48h before the payment will be forfeit. 


All services provided by Blink by Vick are perishable services and for Health & Safety reasons, we are unable to offer refunds. All our provided services are temporary beauty solutions, and as such, should not be expected to last forever, however, by following our recommended care instructions, you will get the best life out of your selected service. Blink by Vick holds no responsibility for your service after you have left our salon, and can not guarantee the life of your product if you choose not to use the recommended products and follow our after care instructions. The services we provide act differently on every person for many different reasons, and the information we give you as to how long your service should last is a general guide which has stemmed from our own and our customers experiences. We can never guarentee the life of our service due to this fact. Different skin, hair, hormones, habits, sweat etc - will all play a part in the lifespan of any eyelash extension service. We will, however, do our best to recommend what is best suited to you. If for any reason you are unhappy with a product or service or anything goes wrong, PLEASE LET US KNOW, as we will offer to fix it at little or no charge or offer you a free service or credit if required within a 1 week period.


Blink by Vick Ltd will collect your personal information such as name, email and phone number which is protected, for our booking system. This will not be shared or sold to any third parties.


  • Text us on: 07542413472
  • We prefer text messages due to our busy schedule
  • Send us a Facebook message: www.facebook.com/blinkbyvicky
  • Or alternatively you can fill out an Info Request form below